“TIME CAPSULE: leave a message to the future”

The project unites students form Turkey, Latvia,  France, Croatia, Spain, Cyprus, Albania, Romania, Italy and Lithuania. The project aims to make the people aware about the today’s problems such as pollution, abuse, discrimination, etc. The students will write a letter to future generations in order to make them aware of these problems and to tell them not to do the same mistakes we have done so far.


  1. The students will:
    1. Evaluate their lifestyles and give advices to future generations about what they should or shouldn’t do.
    1. Think and be more aware about the future of the world.
    1. Gain awareness about the idea that there will be others who will live on the same planet, so they will use the resources more consciously and protect the environment accordingly.
    1. Feel more sensitive and responsible about the environment and resources.
    1. Be more productive and constructive for the future world and generations.