ART is for ALL


Youth Exchange - ART is for ALL

Project:  ART is for ALL

Project No. Nr. 2020-2-LV02-KA105-003277

Project financier:  Agency for International Programs for Youth

Partners:  Haapsalu Viigi Kool, Estonia

Project implementation period: August 1, 2020 – May 31, 2021

The main aim of the project is to motivate young people with disabilities to acquire and develop new artistic skills relevant to their needs that are needed for personal and professional development, and independent living. Both young people of

neighboring countries Latvia and Estonia, face the following common challenges: young persons with special needs and disabilities face such problems as social exclusion, limited education possibilities, after finishing school they have poor

ability to compete in the labor market since these youngsters cannot get a well-paid job, solve household and personal problems independently. Young people with mental disabilities have problems with social skills, communication, selfexpression,

focus, discipline, risk-taking, perseverance, observation. Art teaches people with communication problems to express their ideas and creativity, to communicate verbally and in a non-verbal way. Art can teach people how to accept those who are different. Young people who will take part in the project in their usual life are involved in different artgroups’activities ( Estonia and Latvia- handicrafts, ceramics, woodworking), student enterprises ( Latvia – woodworking, and cooking).

With the joint activity, we want to promote the possibility toexchange experiences of different countries on how to promote the development of communication skills of 16 young persons from Latvia and Estonia with the help of different arts as ceramics, woodworking, and painting. The tasks of the project are the following: 1) to improve to raise the awareness of all participants about the importance and the various aspects of our cultural traditions and diversity, recognizing and valuing differences and similarities; 2) to give the possibility to learn different useful skills in crafts as ceramics, woodworking, etc. so that young people can use them for their personal development and for independent living, 3) to develop creativity and give a possibility of learning from each other,4) to give a chance for young people to learn in non-formal conditions, 5) to intensify the level of partnership among the organizations and develop networking in future. Young people will be actively involved in all phases of the project, and will learn a lot from the whole process, share their experiences with other young people. Communicating in a foreign language, will not only promote the development of young people’s communication skills and better understanding with other people but will also become more self-confident and able for better self-expression. Activities within the exchange will be held through workshops, ideas interchange, dialogue, discussions, creative work, group work, playing rolls -non-formal, and informal learning. The project will have an impact on multiple levels:

  • impact on the participants ( 16 youth) which will participate in this exchange, will be the most relevant because they will gain new skills, develop new competences; with interaction in an intercultural context, experience different framework for
  • studying; the impact will be sustainable because on the return they will be empowered to implement new different activities in their local communities enriched with the new experience. Participants will also break some prejudices and gain contacts from youth from other cultures by studying together.
  • impact on the organizations- strengthening of the work capacities on peacebuilding through art and culture, exchange of knowledge and skills.

Other related information
Project manager: Iveta Diržininka
Contact information:, phone 28910803