Sport without barriers


Sport without barriers

Project title: Sport without barriers

Programme: Erasmus+ Sport

EU grant:  59 300,00 eur

Start: 01/01/2020 – End:30/06/2021

Project reference number: 612943-EPP-1-2019-1-EL-SPO-SSCP

The main objective of the project is to prevent social exclusion by creating conditions for increasing the activity of people with various disabilities to participate in sport and physical culture in Giżycko District (poviat), the city of Alytus and the Kuldiga poviat.

One of the increasingly emerging social phenomena in partner countries is the increasing number of disabled people. This applies to different age groups. From small children to seniors. Thanks to better medical and psychological diagnosis the reliability of diagnosing disabled people is improving. Thanks to the progress of medicine, the life of this group of people is prolonged. At the same time, technological progress and traffic accidents are increasing the number of factors that cause disability. Because there are people with disabilities in the area of the partners’ activities, for many years, participating in Erasmus +, INTERREG and undertaking non-project initiatives, the partners undertook the subject of activities increasing the accessibility of people with disabilities to education, culture, sport and other areas of social life aimed at improving the quality of life of people with functional difficulties. All partners work for the disabled and with people with disabilities and cooperate with local institutions supporting disabled people and their families, with institutions involved in the organization of sport in the local environment, with sports clubs and sport animators. All partners also have large knowledge about the project area. Previous activities of all partners also give a chance for a constructive dialogue with all communities involved in the organization of sports activities in local environments. The European Disability Strategy 2010-2020, the European Commission identified the “availability”, meaning that people with disabilities have access on an equal basis with others to the physical environment, transport, technology and information and communication systems (ICT) and other facilities and services. In connection with the above, in the actions undertaken by the partners, the following areas will be diagnosed: architectural accessibility to sports facilities, information accessibility (among other things about the possibilities of using sports activities), qualifications of teachers / trainers (knowledge of disability issues, limitations and abilities of people with various disabilities) and readiness of the local environment to fully participate in trainings, competitions, sports initiatives of people with disabilities. Exchange of experiences between partners (between trainers / physical education teachers, parents of disabled people, disabled people, directors of institutions dealing with project issues) will enable the transfer of the best solutions to the environments of all partners that will increase the participation of disabled people in sports projects. The partners will analyze the strategic documents of their local governments, which include the subject of participation of disabled people in sport at the local level, check the implementation of planned projects and propose solutions and specific activities that will increase the activity of people with various disabilities in the area of sport and physical culture. In Giżycko, the local government approved the “Strategy for the development of sports for the years 2017-2020” and the “Program for supporting disabled people for 2016-2022”. In Alytus, the subject of sport and activities for the disabled was included in the “Strategic Plan for 2019-2021”. The conclusions drawn from the project will allow for a more in-depth evaluation of these documents and propose actions included in documents for the coming years compatible with the needs of people with disabilities. Since the Kuldiga district of Latvia does not have documents regarding the inclusion of disabled people in the area of sport and physical culture, the implementation of the project and the report developed within it will provide the basis for creating such a document in Kuldiga. During the project meetings, groups of parents of people with various disabilities, trainers / teachers working with this group of people, representatives of institutions supporting people with disabilities and their families will participate. Within the framework of the project, a Report will be prepared containing the diagnosis and solutions resulting from them. Because it will be based on the experiences of disabled people, their parents and teachers / trainers, and developed in cooperation with people involved in the project – it creates opportunities for a real change in improving the accessibility of people at risk of exclusion to sports and physical culture. It is also in line with the European sport strategy, which emphasizes the need to support transnational projects promoting the social inclusion of socially disadvantaged groups through sport and the related exchange of good practices. Actions taken under the project will also be in line with the “EU Disability Strategy”.

Other information:
Project manager: Iveta Diržininka
e-mail:, phone No. +371 28910803